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Manually c loc k the c irc uit and t s ay with a s

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Unformatted text preview: ons and outputs . Manually c loc k the c irc uit and T, s ay , with a s witc h, to tes t the s tate trans itions and outputs . (This might be tric k ier than y ou think , s inc e s witc hes c an, literally , "bounc e" and s end s everal c loc k puls es per s witc h. (More on this in ECE298DC.) You c an s till c hec k and s ee whether y our new s tate is c ons is tent with the s tate after a number of c loc k c y c les , and c atc h s ome bugs that way . Alternatively , y ou c an "debounc e" y our s witc h us ing a debounc ing c irc uit . (See this doc ument for a more detailed s tudy .) What to turn in Circ uit from Lab 9 redes igned with NAND (or NOR) gates and D flip-flops only and labeled with pin and c hip as s ignments . This does not have to be Mentor Graphic s printout, y ou c an s imply draw the c irc uit y ours elf, but mak e s ure to label the pin and c hip as s ignments . Onc e y ou are c onfident that y our c irc uit work s properly , bring it to the TA in offic e hours , s o that they c an c hec k it and c...
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