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So in s ummary we have 2 ques tions 1 is debounc ing

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Unformatted text preview: elegant. So, in s ummary , we have 2 ques tions . 1) Is debounc ing the c loc k s witc h required? 2) If s o, c an y ou s ugges t how we c an get pas t our s tic k ing point? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 28 Do this with wires only . Better y et, try to tes t y our c irc uit with the c oin s orter whic h will produc e the des irable s ignals . Andrew W einer says: Oc t 29 OK great, it's work ing now when we manipulate the wires by hand. However, I'm not s ure how we'll hook up thes e two wires to the one c loc k s ens or on the c oin s orter. Do we need to s plit the c loc k s ignal and invert one of them? Or does the c loc k s ens or not bounc e the way our s witc hes do? In whic h c as e we c ould jus t by pas s our debounc ing c irc uit... Michal Truszkow ski says: Oc t 28 I have a problem. W hen I mak e the c loc k z ero (by c onnec ting c loc k to ground) and I s lowly remove the wire c onnec ting ground to c loc k , I am having led's for A and P outputs to s witc h from on to off and I c annot ac c urately meas ure if my c irc uit behaves as it s hould....
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