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while ex ec uting forc e c lk 1 250 35 repeat 20

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Unformatted text preview: ne 9 # ** Error: (vs im-3464) Period of -repeat mus t not be les s than the waveform length. # # while ex ec uting # "forc e c lk 1 25,0 35 -repeat 20 Volodymyr Kindratenko says: This is the reas on: # ** Error: (vs im-3464) Period of -repeat mus t not be les s than the waveform length Joshua Seibert says: Oc t 25 Oc t 25 For the d flip flops , would it be ok ay to us e the inverted output ("Q NOT") of the flip flop rather than us e a inverter or nand to to "NOT" the output ("Q") for are logic c irc uit or s hould we jus t us e the one output ("Q") of the flip flops as the pic ture above s hows Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 25 Yes , that's what that output is for. Joseph Barton says: Oc t 26 So we do not need to turn in the s c hematic for our nex t s tate logic ? W e jus t turn in one s c hematic us ing abs trac t vers ions of our lab7 logic and nex t s tate logic ? Geoffrey Herman says: Oc t 26 Correc t. But y ou do need y our Boolean ex pres s ions . W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 26 Better to print it out and attac h to the lab. Kazybek Adam says: Oc t 26 Does it mak e s ens e for P to be equal to 1 and s tay at 1 on thes e ranges : 145 ns - 165 ns , 185 ns - 200 ns ? So, the vending mac hine k eeps dis pens ing items . Should we ignore thos e c as es and k eep dis pos ing items whenever P is 1? Thank y ou. Georgi Iliev says: Oc t 27 I am having the s ame ques tion. Ideally , y ou would want to s tart over with a new s equenc e, but wouldn't that mean the rs t would have to be a func tion of P, s o bas ic ally when paid is 1 u res et the s equenc e. But that is jus t my thought W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 27 This s tate mac hine is jus t one of the many pos s ible des igns . You are all c orrec t regarding this weird behavior of this vending mac hine. Devansh Solanki says: Oc t 26 All of my labs were deleted from the move. Is there a way to retrieve thos e files or are they los t forever? Benjamin Eng says: May be this might help: .edu/us er-guides /ac c ounts /how-do-i-res tore-los tdeletedc orrupt-file Sidharth Vaitha says: Oc t 26 Oc t 26 W hen c reating the do file for the s imulation it tells us to "Set the loa d s ignal to 1 for the duration of the s imulation s o that y our D flip-flop res ponds to the c loc k input.". However we were previous ly told to c onnec t the load s ignal to the V...
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