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Below are s ome ex amples here is the format of the

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Unformatted text preview: epeat c ommand in y our .do file to s imulate the c loc k . Below are s ome ex amples . Here is the format of the repeat c ommand. freck[au 1 [ie1,[au 2 [ie2 \rpa [iet eas bfr ec rpa] oc l vle ] tm ] vle ] tm ] -eet tm o lpe eoe ah eet Below are s ome ex amples . freck00 12 \rpa 5 oc l , 5 -eet 0 \ 5 n cokwt 5%dt # 0 s lc ih 0 uy freck01,12 \rpa 5 oc l 0 0 -eet 0 \ 5 n cokwt 1 n ple # 0 s lc ih 0 s us W hat to Turn In Boolean Ex pres s ions for S2+ , S1+ , S0+ that c orres pond to K-maps given in Prof. Lumetta's lec ture notes s et 3.3. Printout of y our Mentor Graphic s c irc uit s c hematic with name, s ec tion, netID in y ellow box . Printout of y our ModelSim waveform and .do file. Staple them together, and turn it in Friday ’s lec ture. This will c ons titute y our Lab 9 s ubmis s ion. Comments (66) Hide Comments Collaps e All Michal Truszkow ski says: Oc t 21 I am having a trouble with my do file. I am getting an error that I do not k now how to s olve. Any advic e? do ins ertc oins .do # ** Error: Time value mus t be greater than "now": 0 # Error in mac ro ./ins ertc oins .do line 1 # Time value mus t be greater than "now": 0 # while ex ec uting # "forc e /rs t 0 @0 " Als o, how ex ac tly c an we mak e the c loc k to be 0 from 0 to 30 ns , then turn 1 from 30 to 40 ns , then bac k to 0 from 40 to 50 ns , and then periodic ally c hange the value every 10 ns us ing the formula from "Simulating periodic s ignals " W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 21 Pleas e c hec k the Lab7 Mentor Graphic s FAQ page, ques tion 3. https ://wik i.engr.illinois .edu/dis play /ECE198JL/Mentor+ Graphic s + FAQ Kathy Qiu says: For the c ontrol logic part of the c irc uit, are we only allowed to us e NAND/NOR/NOT gates ? Oc t 21 Oc t 21 W enjia Zhou says: Yes , only us e NAND/NOR/NOT, s inc e y ou'll implement this in the c irc uit board nex t lab us ing NAND/NOR/NOT. Qifeng Hu says: Oc t 21 For the s c hematic diagram we are s uppos ed to turn in, is it jus t the final c irc uit diagram or als o inc ludes the nex t s tate one and the c ontrol logic ? W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 21 I would print out all of them in c as e.. I'll c hec k this with Prof. Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 21 Control logic was done in Lab 7. So, for Lab 9 we would lik e to s ee the overall high-level implementation and the nex t-s tate logic . Nathan Beauchamp says: Oc t 21 I'm getting an error when I attempt to run my .do file: # ** Error:...
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