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3 mac hine c ode and c omments are formatted properly

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Unformatted text preview: arac ters . 3% : Mac hine c ode and c omments are formatted properly . 2% : Brief introduc tory paragraph ex plaining y our overall approac h to the s olution 3% : Code is well-c ommented Late Wor k Policy This dis c us s ion as s ignment is c omplic ated. Therefore it c an be turned in up to 48 hours late, but with a late penalty of 0.625% per hour (rounded up to the neares t hour). Comments (15) Hide Comments Collaps e All Nov 10 Sharon Tang says: Are we limited to us ing only one loop or c an we us e more than one? Edit: W ell nevermind, I gues s the tes t is n't a loop. Als o, s hould we output the max imum or is s toring it in R5 enough? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Nov 10 Storing it in R5 is enough. Michal Truszkow ski says: Nov 13 W hen I manually run and tes t the c ode by ty ping "lc 3s im" and then "file numbers .obj", it is s ay ing that PC is s et to x 3132 ins tead of x 3100. W hile when I run the c ode by ty ping "lc 3s im lab12.obj" the PC is s et to...
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