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Als o at x 3137 where the number 512 is s tored there

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Unformatted text preview: operation mes s age at x 3133? Als o, at x 3137 (where the number 512 is s tored), there is a NOP ins tead of a fill "..." is this s uppos ed to happen? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Nov 16 One does not "s imulate" the numbers file and does not "s tep through" it. This is a data file, not a program. LC-3 emulator interprets the data file as ins truc tions s imply bec aus e it does not k now what is data and what is ins truc tions . Xuanyao Zhang says: Nov 17 null Matthew Schuele says: Nov 18 After running through my program, the HALT ins truc tion c hanges RO (where my greates t value is s tored) Is this an is s ue I s hould fix or will the graders s tep through the program until before the halt operation to c hec k the value (s inc e obvious ly if this was a value we were returning it would be returned before any halt operation)? Edit: Nevermind, jus t notic ed that it s ay s in the grading rubric ans wer mus t be s tored in R5. I had thought that was merely a s ugges tion at firs t. Michail Razzakov says: Nov 18 Some of the initializ ations are unnec es s ary and/or are different than the des c ribed in the "bas ic algorithm," but the program work s properly for all ty pes of values as I followed the proc edure in the bas ic algorithm. W ill I be mark ed down points if I do not initializ e the values as des c ribed in the bas ic algorithm? Or are they s till proper initializ ations if the program work s ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Nov 19 No, we will not deduc t points if y our initializ ations are different from the s ugges ted. W e will, however, deduc t points if y our initializ ations are not proper for y our implementation....
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