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Below that paragraph inc lude a regis ter table ex

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Unformatted text preview: inc lude a regis ter table ex plaining the role of eac h regis ter us ed by y our program. For eac h binary word, y ou may us e s pac es to s eparate ins truc tion fields (e.g. 0010 001 000000100 for the LD ins truc tion ins tead of 0010001000000100). Your c ode mus t be well-c ommented on every line (every line, as it is in binary . Programs not c oded in binary do not need c omments for every s ingle line). Comments mus t begin with a s emic olon You may us e RTL or As s embly as y our c omment (i.e. "R7 < -- R7 + 1"), but y ou MUST als o inc lude s ome more des c ription about what this partic ular line of c ode is doing for ex ample: 0001 111 111 1 00001 ; R7< --R7+ 1, inc rementing the c ounter regis ter (R7) In c as e y ou s till don't unders tand the c oding s ty le (c omment s ty le) of mac hine c ode, below is a s ample c ode y ou c an refer to. Pleas e follow this format! (Attention: this c ode has nothing to do with y our lab as s ignment, it's jus t a s ample.) ;ra...
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