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Nex t c lic k on the brow se button one more time 6

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Unformatted text preview: up box opens 5. Nex t, c lic k on the Brow se button one more time. 6. Selec t the file la b12.obj, and c lic k Ope n. 7. Again c lic k OK if a warning box appears . 8. Your program is now loaded! You c an now c lic k the buttons Ste p to s tep through y our c ode line by line and s ee how it c hanges the regis ters , or y ou c an c lic k Continue to ex ec ute y our whole program at onc e (it will s top when it reac hes the HALT ins truc tion). Onc e c ompleted, y our value for R5 s hould c ontain the larges t number (in hex ) of the 10 numbers y ou entered in the file numbers .bin. To run your code in the com m a nd line sim ula tor (HOW THE GRADERS W ILL DO IT): 1. W hile s till in the folder where y our c ode is loc ated, ty pe in lc3sim . (NOTE: do not enter any .obj files after the c ommand. we will load them momentarily ins ide the s imulator) 2. Onc e in the s imulator, ty pe: file num be rs.obj (this loads the numbers into the s imulator) 3. Nex t, ty pe: file la b12.obj (this loads y our program into the...
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