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Unformatted text preview: s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid]/lab12/lab12.bin NOTE: you may have to hit 'refres h' on your b rows er to s ee any updated material you jus t c ommitted from SVN Grading The func tionality grade s c ript will ex ec ute y our program with s everal tes t inputs (different c ombinations of numbers in the numbers .bin file) and will verify the c orrec tnes s of the ans wers c omputed by y our program. If the c orrec t ans wer is s tored in regis ter 5 after it has run eac h time, that will be c ons idered a s uc c es s ful implementation. If y our program does not s tore the c orrec t ans wer in R5, y ou will not get any c redit for y our implementation! Grading Breakdow n Func tionality (70% ) 5% : Program s tarts at x 3100 5% : Res ult is s tored in R5 5% : Program halts 5% : Program reads 10 c ons ec utive numbers s tarting from addres s x 3132 5% : Regis ters are properly initializ ed 15% : Pas s es tes t c as e with all pos itive numbers 15% : Pas s es tes t c as e with all negative numbers 15% : Pas s es tes t c as e with mix ed negative numbers Sty le (20% ) 5% : Us es one loop 5% : Us es one tes t to c ompare numbers 5% : No unnec es s ary data movement 5% : Code is s hort Format (10% ) 2% : Lines are k ept to 120 c h...
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