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If the new number is s maller than or equal to what

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Unformatted text preview: is s maller than (or equal to) what is in R5 c urrently , do nothing c . Inc rement pointer and dec rement c ounter d. repeat s teps 2.a - 2.c until all 10 numbers have been ex amined 3. Halt the program Specific Requirements Your c ode mus t be written in the bina ry LC-3 mac hine language, and be named la b12.bin. Your c ode mus t begin at memory loc ation x 3100, whereas the 10 pos itive numbers begin at memory loc ation x 3132. Your program mus t us e a loop. You program may only c ons is t of at mos t 50 16-bit binary words (not inc luding the 10 pos itive numbers ) Your c ode mus t be c ommented properly (s ee Sty le and Comments s ec tion below) Style and Comments For readability reas ons , y ou mus t not have more than 120 c harac ters on a s ingle line. If y ou are writing a long c omment that would otherwis e ex c eed 120 c harac ters , y ou s hould c ontinue y our c omment on the nex t line. Comme nt/Style Re quire me nts: At the very top of y our c ode, y ou mus t inc lude an introduc tory c omment s ec tion with y our name, date, and a brief ex planation of the purpos e and general func tion of y our program. Below that paragraph,...
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