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Debugging the lc 3 repairing a broken

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Unformatted text preview: lab7 folder and try the direc tions above again. Debugging the LC-3: Repairing a Broken Microinstruction In this part of the lab, we will s how y ou how to navigate parts of the LC-3 arc hitec ture and s how y ou how to modify its c ontrol words (mic roins truc tions ). W e have written a program in the LC-3 arc hitec ture that ex ec utes the ins truc tion ADD R0, R6, 5. Sinc e R6 is firs t loaded with the value x 300D before we ex ec ute the ADD R0, R6, 5 ins truc tion, this ins truc tion s hould load R0 with the value x 3012. As y ou will s ee, this ins truc tion c ontains a bug. Star ting the simulation In Des ign Manager window y ou s hould s ee s everal c omponents in the lab7_lib library that c ompos e the LC-3 arc hitec ture. Loc ate the CPU c omponent. Feel free to open the c omponent and other c omponents to ex plore if y ou are c urious , but we will foc us on s imulating the CPU as a whole. Selec t the CPU c omponent Start the s imulator. If ModelSim won't s tart or if y ou get errors after y ou open ModelSim, pleas e s c roll to the bottom of the ins truc tions to the Troubles hooting s ec tion. Finding impor tant signals Onc e y ou s tart the s imulator, y ou will notic e that there a LOT of s ignals in the LC-3. Again, feel free to ex plore, but we will direc t y ou to the few s ignals that will help y ou unders tand what the LC-3 arc hitec ture is doing. In partic ular, y ou will loc ate the s y s tem c loc k (c lk ), the Control Addres s Regis ter (CARout), and the c ontents of the Regis ter File (RF/ram). The CARout tells us whic h s tate of the LC-3 s tate diagram the mac hine is c urrently in. The c ontents of the regis ter file will allow us to s ee how R0 and R6 res pond to the ADD R0, R6, 5 ins truc tion. In the W ork s pac e window (below) y ou s hould notic e that the c pu c omponent is c ompos ed of the three c omponents of the Von Neumann arc hitec ture: the c ontrol unit (c ontrol), the proc es s ing unit (datapath), and the memory (memory ). The s y s tem c loc k drives the CPU s o it c an be found in the c pu c omponent, the Control Addres s Regis ter is part of the c ontrol unit, an...
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