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Do any require s pec ific bits in the ir to perform a

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Unformatted text preview: ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/bin/vs im returned s tatus 1 W hat c an I do to fix this ? I'm s tuc k before I have even begun the lab. W enjia Zhou says: Dec 09 s ee this page Mark Hirsbrunner says: Dec 09 Thank y ou! Devansh Solanki says: Dec 09 Should we write don't c are's for the las t s ix bits of the mac hine c ode ins truc tion or fill them with all ones or z eros lik e the NOT and JMP ins truc tions ? Andrew How ell says: Dec 09 Think of what func tions y ou need to implement NEG. Do any require s pec ific bits in the IR to perform a c ertain way ? Tanmay Adya says: Dec 10 For s ome reas on whenever I run the s imulation, the program runs through s everal s tates , then jumps from -32 to 13 to a red line to 22 (i.e. it s k ips my unus ed s tate after 13 and then falls off trac k from the res t of the program). In the end, none of my regis ters are c hanged. I c hec k ed my pathway s everal times and it s eems that the c ode I inputted in the memory and ControlStore as well as the Step 4 implementation are all c orrec t. W hat c ould be c aus ing this error? Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 Chec k y our J, COND, and IRD bits in s tate 13. Thes e bits c ontrol y our nex t s tate and it s eems that y ou are not going to the appropriate nex t s tate. Rebecca Dingledine says: Im not s ure what it means by Open HDL des igner and c reate a new projec t c alled "lab7". Set the path of the projec t to Dec 11 /home/[YOUR_NETID]/[YOUR ECE 198 DIRECTORY]/lab7/ and s et the library to us e "lab7_lib". Mak e s ure that y ou inc lude the las t /. do y ou jus t mak e a bloc k diagram lik e we did in other labs ? and if s o how do y ou s et the path...
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