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Edit never mind s inc e conds are fix ed to 000 i

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Unformatted text preview: but on the waveform, it does n't c hange to 1 in the State ​ 1. how to s olve this (Ac tually , it s eems to output the s ame waveform as it does right after it's downloaded) W enjia Zhou says: Dec 08 Come to offic e hour if y ou c ouldn't get it work . Xuanyao Zhang says: Dec 08 It work s now...............................dont k now why Xuanyao Zhang says: Dec 08 Does this NEG is a c hange negative number to pos itive ? or jus t s imply perform bitwis e flip and add 1? Edit: Never mind. s inc e CONDs are fix ed to 000, I believe it's jus t the s ec ond option Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 "flipping the bits and adding 1" turns pos itive 2's c omplement numbers into negative numbers and negative 2's c omplement numbers into pos itive numbers . I s ugges t y ou review y our 2's c omplement numbers , bec aus e it s eems y ou don't fully unders tand them. Jason W ang says: Dec 08 Do we have to write the mac hine c ode in binary on the work s heet or c an we write it in hex ? W enjia Zhou says: Dec 09 W rite Binary , and us e the c orrec t format Naphat Lertratanakul says: Should we s et CC for thes e two s tates ? Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 08 Dec 10 whic h two s tates ? Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 The CC bits s hould be s et at the end of the ins truc tion muc h lik e how y ou s ee them s et during the LD, LDI, and LDR ins truc tions . Jong Ho Kim says: Dec 09 null Mark Hirsbrunner says: Dec 09 W hen I attempt to s imulate the CPU by s elec ting it from the lis t of des ign units , then hitting the s imulate button, it gives me this error in the log window: Reading /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/tc l/vs im/ l Error in s tartup s c ript: unmatc hed open brac e in lis t while ex ec uting "GUIMAIN" invok ed from within " if Unk nown mac ro: {[batc h_mode]} { BATCHMAIN } els e { GUIMAIN }" invok ed from within "nc Fy P12 -+ " (file "/s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/linux /../tc l/vs im/vs im" line 1) ** Fatal: Read failure in vlm proc es s (0,0) /s oftware/mentor/...
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