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I am s tuc k here is there any thing i s hould try in

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Unformatted text preview: e the remaining c hanges that were nec es s ary (jus t to s ee what might happen), and ran the s imulation again, getting the s ame res ults . As if I had not made any c hanges to the bads tore c ontrol file. I am c los ing and res tarting models im between eac h s imulation. I have double c hec k ed my bads tore c ontrol file to mak e s ure the c hanges s aved. I have als o c onfirmed with other s tudents that they have done the s ame proc edure (whic h they had) and they were able to get the c orrec t res ults . I am s tuc k here. Is there any thing I s hould try in order to get this to work ? Am i mis s ing s omething? W enjia Zhou says: Dec 07 Hmm, s orry , no c lue. Could y ou c ome to one of the offic e hours ? Johnathon Karcz says: Dec 07 Hey W enjia, I am in y our 4:00 dis c us s ion group on Tues day . I will go to y our offic e hours after the c las s at grainger to go over this . Thank s . Tanmay Adya says: Dec 10 I'm having the s ame problem. I c ame in to s ee a TA today but unfortunately he's not s ure what's c aus ing the error either. W hat s hould I do/turn in at this point? Christopher Holder says: Dec 08 I'm getting the ex ac t s ame problem. Christopher Holder says: Dec 08 going to offic e hours too Mark Hirsbrunner says: Dec 09 I'm als o getting the s ame problem. Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 Try the firs t fix (deleting .models im etc .) s hown on Mentor Graphic s FAQ. My gues s is that there is a c ac hing problem. Tanmay Adya says: I tried this and it's s till not work ing. Dec 10 Dec 10 Mario Posso Escobar says: Same res ult, problem pers is ts . Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 Solution from a s tudent from a previous s emes ter. alright c ris is averted (for now)- as us ual MentorGraphic s jus t wanted to play games with me. I had to generate a new VHDL for the c ontrol bloc k , s imulate the c ontrol bloc k , generate VHDL for the CPU, and then s imulate the CPU. hopefully helps s omebody els e. I tried s etting generate alway s and c ompile alway s for the c ontrols tore, then I...
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