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Unformatted text preview: ble. CAR tells us whic h addres s in memory to look at depending on whic h s tate the c ontrol unit is in. For ex ample, when we are in s tate 1, we want to look at memory addres s 1. IRD, COND[2:0], and J[5:0] c ontrol whic h s tate the c ontrol unit will go to nex t. The LDSignals c ontrol whic h regis ters will update on the nex t c loc k c y c le. The GateSignals c ontrol whic h information is permitted onto the s y s tem bus . The Mux Signals c ontrol the various multiplex ers in the LC3. The ALUK c ontrols whic h operation the ALU performs . Finally , the IO c ontrol the us er inputs and memory . Eac h c olumn in the bottom row repres ents 1 bit of the c ontrol word. For ex ample, J[5:0] is c ompos ed of 6 bits . In the c ontex t of this lab, the s ignals whic h are as s igned "0" or "x " are s ignals that y ou will never need to modify bec aus e they are bey ond the s c ope of the c ours e. Clos e ModelSim and open the CPU c omponent in the Des ign Brows er Double-c lic k on the c ontrol c omponent in the CPU to open it. Ins ide the c ontrol c omponent is another c omponent c alled "ControlStore". Double-c lic k on ControlStore to open a tex t file c alled "bads tore.vhd". This file defines how the Control Rom work s . If the file does not open, or there is a warning about "no default view", no as s oc iated view", or "no file", c lic k c anc el and ins tead rightc lic k on the "ControlStore" and Open As -> b ads tore(VHDL_TEXT) Sc roll down until y ou s ee the c ontents of the ROM (s ee the image below). The c ontents of the ROM are grouped lik e the table above. Sinc e we want to edit the State 1 (the ADD ins truc tion), we will edit the ROM word at mem(1). Loc ate whic h bit in mem(1) c orres ponds to the bit for LD.REG and c hange it to a 1 lik e we determined in the previous s ec tion. Your Control Rom s hould now look lik e the image below. Save "bads tore.vhd" Finish debugging Return to the Des ign Manager and s tart the s...
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