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On the log window y ou s hould s ee the program c

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Unformatted text preview: generated VHDL for the c ontrol IO. Then I ran the c ontrol IO s imulation but I c hos e "run through des ign root". Then I tried generating VHDL for the CPU and then s imulating the CPU its elf through des ign root and that s eemed to work . Mario Posso Escobar says: Dec 10 I found a potential fix for this problem (work ed for me at leas t). W hen viewing the CPU from the des ign window, go to the s imulate tab and try to run the s imulation though bloc k s (Run through bloc k s ). On the Log window y ou s hould s ee the program c ompiling and updating the c onfigurations . If the s imulation does n't run with the updated Control file then, try right c lic k ing the ControlStore bloc k in the des ign window and do Update > From HDL, and run through bloc k s again. *Doing Update > From HDL on the Control bloc k from the CPU window s houldn't be nec es s ary , but try it if all els e fails (after Updating the ControlStore). If y our problem is als o with the memory file, try the s ame proc es s for the Memory bloc k (was n't my c as e). Hopefully it work s for y ou as it did for me. Good luc k ! **The fix pos ted by Prof Herman als o inc ludes s ome s teps I did prior to the ones mentioned above. They didn't work for me direc tly , but they might have c ontributed to the overall fix . Try s etting Generate Alway s and Compile Alway s for both the ControlStore if the s teps des c ribed above don't work . Thes e options c an be found on the tex t edit window that c omes up when y ou double c lic k the bloc k , on the Doc ument tab. Hao Jin says: Dec 07 Do we als o have to s ubmit what we did and what we got of the "fix ing the ADD ins truc tion" part? W enjia Zhou says: Dec 07 Nop Hao Jin says: Dec 07 OK thank s Sharon Tang says: Dec 07 If we print the waveform on one page a lot of the information is los t. Should we print it over however many pages and mak e it fit s o that all the numeric al information s hows up as numbers rather than "..."? Geoffrey Herman says: Dec 10 Readability is preferable to a s ingle...
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