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Step 3 design the microinstructions us ing y our mic

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Unformatted text preview: p 2: Design the machine code instruction Bas ed on y our mic roprogram, determine what information y ou need in y our mac hine c ode to c ontrol the LC-3 arc hitec ture and implement the as s embly c ode. Des ign y our mac hine c ode ins truc tion on the work s heet. Step 3: Design the microinstructions Us ing y our mic roprogram and y our mac hine c ode ins truc tion, determine the binary c ontrol word for eac h mic roins truc tion in y our s tate mac hine. Us e the ROM table on the work s heet. You may leave unus ed ROM loc ations blank . Step 4: Implement and debug Us ing the tec hniques that y ou learned from the debugging ex erc is e, implement y our new ins truc tion in HDLDes igner. To mak e s ure it work s , y ou will need to write an mac hine c ode program that ex ec utes y our new ins truc tion. Wr iting and testing the new instr uction with the LC-3 The proc es s of writing ins truc tions to the LC-3 in HDLDes igner is s imilar to how we wrote mic roins truc tions in the Control ROM. In the Des ign Brows er, open the CPU c omponent Double-c lic k on the Memory c omponent. Lik e the ControlStore c omponent, a tex t file s hould open that des c ribes how the memory work s . Sc roll down until y ou get to a line that s ay s "-- Ins ert Memory Vec tors Here". As we mentioned earlier, the s imulation s tarts ex ec uting programs at memory addres s x 3000 (or 12288 in dec imal), s o our new program will need to s tart at that addres s . The mac hine c ode ins truc tions are s tored as s tdlogic vec tors s tored at different memory loc ations . For ex ample, for our previous ins truc tion ADD R0, R6, 5 is s tored at memory addres s x 3001 or 12289 in dec imal. The mac hine c ode for that ins truc tion is 0001 000 110 1 00101 = x 11A5. whic h c reates the line of c ode mm129:T_tlgcetrX1A"; e(28)=osdoivco("15) To tes t y our ins truc tion, write a mac hine c ode program that performs at leas t the following operations : 1. update the c ontents of a regis ter to have a non-z ero value 2. negates the c onte...
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