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Bak any other files that have hdl hds or hds in their

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Unformatted text preview: HDLDes igner run the c orrec t vers ions . Go to y our netid direc tory /home/[YOUR_NETID] (y ou may need to c hange a s etting s o y ou c an view hidden files ) Loc ate and delete the following direc tories and temporary files if y ou have them **hdl_des igner_s eries *HDS*hds _s c ratc h **hte **.hte **.models im **.models im.bak **any other files that have hdl, hds , or .hds in their names that y ou do not remember c reating After deleting thes e temporary files , HDLDes igner and ModelSim s hould now default to us ing the mos t up-to-date vers ion of both programs . Try to s imulate the CPU again. If y ou get thes e error mes s ages again, k eep hunting down the temporary files Pote ntia l e rror: You may get an error mes s age that s ay s a file c alled "work .lc 3_ty pes " has c hanged. Pote ntia l solution: Refres h the lab7_lib library by right-c lic k ing on "lab7_lib" in the ModelSim work s pac e s ubwindow and c hoos ing Refres h. Then c los e ModelSim and re-s imulate the CPU c omponent. Pote ntia l e rror: If the s imulation does not run due to a s ignal c alled "res et_l" or "s tart_h", the program is having a c as e s ens itivity problem. Pote ntia l solution: Open up CPU and c hange either the "RESET_L" or "START_H" input ports to "res et_l" or "s tart_h". How to submit your work 1. A com ple te d c opy of the attac hed work s heet 2. A printout of the wave s imulation of y our final program The s ignal s hown on the waveform s hould be in the s ame order as y ou s aw in s ec tion "Run the Simulator" 3. A printout of the Memory y ou modified for tes ting NEG ins truc tion Copy the lines y ou edited in Memory to a tex t file named "prog.tx t", s imilar to what y ou s aw in s ec tion "W riting and tes ting the new ins truc tion with the LC-3" W rite down c omments for the mac hine c ode. Print prog.tx t 4. A printout of the Control ROM implementing NEG ins truc tion Copy the lines y ou edited in the Control ROM to a tx t file named "rom.tx...
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