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a connec t one input of a nand gate pin 1 to a s witc

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Unformatted text preview: P is being us ed for whic h gates and whic h pins y ou are us ing. \ a. Connec t one input of a NAND gate (Pin 1) to a s witc h of y our c hoic e. b. Connec t the other input of the s ame NAND gate (Pin 2) to a different s witc h. c . Connec t the output of the NAND gate (Pin 3) to the pos itive lead of an LED. 7. Connec t y our protoboard to the battery . 8. Flip the s witc hes through all c ombinations of binary inputs to verify whether y our c irc uit implements the NAND truth table below. a b F = a NAND b 001 011 101 110 The pic tures below s how s c hematic diagram and an ex ample of wired NAND gate us ing pins 1, 2, and 3. Lab 6 Assignment What to do For the final portion of this lab, y ou will implement an XOR func tion (lik e y ou did in mentor graphic s ), but y ou c an us e only NAND gates s inc e y ou are us ing TTL c hips . You only need one 7400 DIP to implement this . W e provide a c irc uit lay out template for y ou to us e whic h s hows y ou how to build the XOR gate. W e als o provide the truth table for the XOR gate below. a b F = a XOR b 000 011 101 110 What to tur n in Print out the XOR s c hematic and label whic h pins are being us ed for eac h NAND gate. Bring y our protoboard to offic e hours and demons trate that y our XOR gate behaves as ex pec ted. That's it! Additional Reading Trans is tor-trans is tor logic 7400 s eries of TTL integrated c irc uits Comments (23) Hide Comments Collaps e All Kaan Erel says: Sep 26 Tues day , W ednes day , Thurs day means Oc t 1,2 or 3 right? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 26 Right. Jong Ho Kim says: Sep 26 I went to the 248 everitt room twic e (today ) and there was no body . when s hould I vis it the room to get my k it with my partner ?? Qifeng Hu says: You go to EL 265 Sep 26 Sep 28 Aaron Mann says: W here c an I get a multimeter to c hec k the voltage ac ros s the c irc uit. Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 29 As k at the s ame plac e where y ou got the k it. Mei Ling Yeoh says: Sep 28 Do we have to go to our res pec tive TA's off...
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