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8 if y ou want c onnec t the negative lead of every

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Unformatted text preview: to c onnec t power and ground properly ! 8. If y ou want, c onnec t the negative lead of every LED to ground with a 330 ohm res is tor s o that they are ready to be us ed whenever y ou need them. Nex t, we will add the s witc h and wire up it to s upply 0 V or 5 V inputs into an LED. The s c hematic diagram of the c irc uit we are going to as s emble is s hown below, with parts s hown in red to be added to the c irc uit y ou jus t have as s embled. 1. Ins ert the s witc h bric k near to the LED bric k . 2. The s witc hes c onnec t direc tly ac ros s the s hort s ide of the bric k as do the LEDs ; an elec tric al c onnec tion is made when the s witc h is down, and the c onnec tion is open (or brok en) when the s witc h is up. Us ing a 330-ohm res is tor, c onnec t ground to one s ide of one of the s witc hes , and power to the other. Now, when the s witc h is open, the res is tor-s ide will be c onnec ted only to ground. W hen the s witc h is c los ed, the res is tor-s ide will be c onnec ted direc tly to power through the s witc h, and the voltage there will be 5 V. The res is tor will limit the c urrent flowing from power through to ground s o as to avoid burning out the s witc h, the protoboard, or the power s upply . 3. Connec t y our s witc h output direc tly to the pos itive s ide of another LED 4. Connec t the negative s ide of the LED to ground us ing a res is tor. 5. Connec t y our battery to the battery c lip 6. Flip the s witc h y ou jus t wired up and down to c onfirm that y our s witc h now produc es digital 1 (LED is on) and 0 (LED is off). Thes e digital values will be us ed as inputs to y our digital logic c irc uit. The LEDs c an be us ed to tes t whether y our c irc uit has the c orrec t output. You may want to wire more than one s witc h to s upply multiple digital inputs . An ex ample of debugging c irc uit with two s witc hes wired is s hown below. Create a digital logic circuit In this s ec tion, we will s how y ou how to c reate a digital logic c irc uit on the protoboard by us ing trans is...
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