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Important note many s tudents c annot meas ure a c

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Unformatted text preview: order of y our probes . (Important note: many s tudents c annot meas ure a c irc uit's voltage bec aus e they try to probe only one point in the c irc uit. Alway s remember that the voltage is a potential differenc e and a differenc e requires two points to c ompare.) Create your testing and debugging circuitry In y our lab k it, y ou will find a blac k foam pad with a number of integrated c irc uit (IC) logic c hips embedded in it. This s pec ial foam is elec tric ally c onduc tive s o as to dis s ipate any s tatic c harge, whic h c an eas ily des troy ICs . On the foam pad, y ou will find a rec tangular white "bric k " with ten horiz ontal s trips on the top (s ee lower bloc k in the image below), and two rows of ten elec tric al pins on the bottom. This is a ten-s egment Light-Emitting Diode (LED) unit. You will als o find a red bric k with eight tiny white s witc hes on it (s ee upper bloc k in the image below). W e will us e thes e two c omponents to build y our c irc uit tes ter and debugger. W e rec ommend plac ing y our debugging c irc uitry on the far-right s ide of y our protoboard s o that it does not get entangled with y our other c irc uits and s o that y ou c an leave it in plac e if/when y ou prototy pe other c irc uits . W e als o rec ommend that y ou do not dis as s emble this c irc uit until the end of the s emes ter. Let's power up an LED per s c hematic diagram s hown below. 1. Dis c onnec t y our battery from the battery c lip. 2. Carefully plac e the LED bric k over an open c enter c hannel of a terminal s trip (preferably near the c orner of the protoboard). The dis tanc e between the pinholes on oppos ite s ides of the c hannel ex ac tly matc hes the dis tanc e between the pin lay out on the bottom of the LED bric k , s o y ou will feel the bric k s lip into plac e when it is properly aligned. Onc e y ou are c onfident that y our bric k or IC is properly aligned with the pinholes , apply even pres s ure ac ros s the top to forc e the pins of t...
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