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The power s upply is half of y our c irc uits loop

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Unformatted text preview: een pow e r and ground. The power s upply is half of y our c irc uit's loop. You will add integrated c irc uit (IC) c hips , res is tors , and wires to y our protoboard whic h will bridge this potential differenc e, c los e the loop of y our c irc uit, and thus allow c urrent to flow. Important s ide note: Voltage is related to c urrent by Ohms law whic h s tates that Voltage (V) is equal to c urrent (I) times Res is tanc e (R) (V = IR). Bec aus e the res is tanc e of a wire is almos t 0, y ou s hould never c onnec t power and ground with jus t a wire s inc e the c urrent would inc reas e to a point that would either damage y our protoboard or the power s upply (I = V/0 -> infinite c urrent). W hen wiring y our c irc uit, it is helpful to follow c ommon c onventions s o that y our c irc uit is eas ier to debug and to help y ou k eep trac k of whic h wires and pinholes are c onnec ted to whic h s ignals . W e s trongly enc ourage y ou to us e red wires for the pow e r (+ 5V) s ignal and blac k wires for ground (+ 0V) s ignal. W e are going to power our board with a 9 V battery . TTL c hips require 5 V to operate. Therefore we will firs t build a little c irc uit to regulate the power down to 5 V. Its s c hematic is s hown below. W e will need L78L05LC power regulator and a s mall c apac itor to implement this c irc uit. You c an find them in a s eparate envelope. The power regulator is blac k with 3 pins , and the c apac itor is y ellow with 2 pins . Twis t (loos en) the top of the Vc (red) jac k on the left s ide of the protoboard s o that it ris es and reveals a hole through its metal pole. Thread a red wire through the pos t of the Vc jac k s o that the unc onnec ted s ide points to the protoboard. Mak e s ure that only the metal wire is ins ide the jac k and that none of the red ins ulation is c aught ins ide. Thread the ex pos ed portion of the red wire from the battery c onnec tor through the red jac k . Tighten the jac k s o that the wires are pinned down and c annot fall out eas ily In a s imilar manner, ins ert a loos e blac k wire and the blac k wire from the battery pac k into the...
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