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Tq yubo liu says sep 28 mei ling going to any tas

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Unformatted text preview: ic e hour for s ubmis s ion of this lab? tq Yubo Liu says: Sep 28 @Mei Ling Going to any TA's offic e hour during Tues day , W ednes day , and Thurs day is fine. Luis Aguilar says: Sep 28 Any one k now if we are able to get the s upplies and work on this on Sunday in the lab or room as s igned? (I k now the TA wont be there to c hec k them, but jus t need to k now if we are able to work on it in there or are we able to work on this outs ide of c las s ?) Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 29 Any plac e, any time. Yiw ei Li says: Sep 29 Are we s uppos ed to print out the pic ture s how above for our XOR s c hematic or the one as we did in LAB 5? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 29 "the pic ture s how above" Geun Young Kim says: Sep 29 There is no 7400 or 74LS00 DIP in our k it. There's s imilar ones s uc h as SN74LS04N and SN74LS2OP, but not the ones s pec ified above. Do we need to revis it the s hop for parts ? Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 29 The c ritic al part is that the c hip has the numbers 74 and 00 in that order. There may be different letters between the 74 and 00. Differently numbered c hips (the ones y ou lis ted) will behave differently . Geun Young Kim says: W e have a DM74ALS00AN. W ould that be the c orrec t one? Benjamin Eng says: Sep 29 Sep 29 Yes , it is . http://www.alldatas heet.c om/datas heet-pdf/pdf/50917/FAIRCHILD/DM74ALS00AN.html Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 30 Thank y ou for ans wering Benjamin. Jacob Palecki says: Sep 29 I have s omeone as k ing me to be their partner who is in a different dis c us s ion s ec tion than me. How important is it that me and my partner are from the s ame dis c us s ion s ec tion? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 30 Not that important. Yogesh Karw al says: Oc t 01 Are there any ex tra offic e hours tomorrow or is there jus t the regular offic e hours at 57 Grainger from 3 - 7pm? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 01 There will be no ex tra offic e hours . Kazybek Adam says: Oc t 01 Do we have to print out the XOR s c hematic us ing the Mentor Graphic s HDL des igner? Or, is it enough printing out and labeling the given c irc uit lay out template? Thank y ou. Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Circ uit lay out template is all that is needed. Oc t 01...
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