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Note use this value for the rest of problem 1 c if the

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Unformatted text preview: (Note: Use this value for the rest of Problem #1.) c. If the yield strength of the material is 30,000 psi, what is the force on the roll in short tons? Yield strength: Assume coefficient accounting for effect of friction on rolling pressure: Equation 3.7 (pg. 134): Equation 3.8 (pg. 134): Equation 3.9 (pg. 134): d. What is the torque (lbs-in) on each roll? Equation 3.11 (pg. 134): Fundamentals of Production Engineering EML 6324 – Fall 2012 (1.) e. f. Page 2 of 6 Homework #2 Assuming the neutral point (where the tangential speed of the rolls equals the sheet speed) is halfway through the reduction, what are the sheet input and output speeds if the rolls turn at 400 rpm? What ho...
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