Not until one can solve the hardy wienberg

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Unformatted text preview: t So’ Story (see Kipling) Such arguments should not be made until actual data shows evolutionary/survival advantage. Not until one can solve the “Hardy-Wienberg Equilibrium” 3 Examples of Environmentally Adaptive Human Variation pigment - albino - melanomas - due to the tropics equrator Example #2: Lactose “Intolerance” epigenetic change - lose lactaid -b/c we don’tneed enzyme if we don’t drink milk 3rd Example (of Human Genetic Variation that IS Environmentally Adaptive): The presence of Genetically “fragile” red blood cells (which are protective from malarial infection. Such RBCs self-destruct if malarial protozoa infect them) These genetic conditions are called “thalassemias” & “hemoglobinopathies” Sickle Cell Disease is one example....
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