Separated by 20 minute intervals a spaced protocol

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment • Flies trained to associate an odor with a mechanical shock (associative conditioning) – 5 training sessions either: 1. Separated by 20-minute intervals a spaced protocol LTM Requires protein synthesis 2. Followed one another immediately a massed protocol ARM Does NOT require protein synthesis Data Collection • Assayed their desiccation and starvation resistance, measured as time until death in the absence of food and water Results The spaced protocol flies (LTM) died on average 4 hours (19%) earlier than flies trained with the massed protocol (ARM). 11 3/6/2014 untreated - control white - long term learning : cost to flies to feel stressed under experimental conditions. Mary F, Kawecki TJ. 2003. A cost of long-term memory in Drosophila. Science 308:1148 Conclusions energetic cost : to form metabolic memroies that is harmful to their ability to cope stress Although LTM is more stable than ARM, it comes with an energetic cost. Costs to Learning There exists energy costs in collecting, processing and storing information 12 3/6/2014 condition - select individuals to learn? -avoid places predators are located • When is learning subjected to EBNS? -learning mimicry, bates, predators -avoiding nectar with toxins 13...
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