Biol301L - Biophysical Ecology Lab Report (Final Draft)

This could have caused a temperature recording issue

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Unformatted text preview: hypothesis. As seen in Figure 1, we can determine that initially, the model ectotherms on the ground lost heat slower than the model ectotherms that were placed in the bush due to wind convection. The ANOVA test was used in combination with the I- Button thermometers to determine a minute- by- minute calculation of the temperatures of the model ectotherms; these temperatures can be seen in Figure 1. Results Trent 5 Figure 1: Temperatures recorded on a minute- by- minute scale for each of the two microhabitats within the one chosen habitat. Each I- Button collected the temperature from each model ectotherm (Peeps). The temperatures were averaged and shown on Excel using an ANOVA test. Discussion We found our hypothesis to be correct after analyzing our data. We found that the ectotherms (peeps) in the bush did lose heat faster through convection than the peeps on the...
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