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this d 2 points the symmetric c c stretching

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Unformatted text preview: ymmetric C-C stretching frequency in acetylene occurs at 1974 mode is not IR active, but is easily measured in a Raman spectrum; sketch and/or describe how you would expect the Raman signal for this vibration to look. The C-C stretch occurs along the axis of the molecule (i.e. it is a parallel band), so one would expect it to demonstrate P and R—but not Q—branches. 3. A stripped-down version of the ground state H wavefunction is H ground state is ; a potential model for the a. (10 points) Find a general expression for the variational energy using the given function. The given trial function depends only on , so we can ignore the angular dependence of the Hamiltonian and According to Mathcad, According to Mathcad, The denominator in the variational equation is According to Mathcad, The variational energy is b. (5 points) Assuming it is...
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