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The homo energy is and the lumo energy is the homo

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Unformatted text preview: . The HOMO energy is , and the LUMO energy is . The HOMO-LUMO gap, which should correspond to the lowest energy transition, is therefore The associated photon wavelength is This is not particularly close to the actual wavelength of ~370 nm, but what are you going to do… e. (2 points) Determine the point group to which anthracene belongs. Because all of the C-C bonds are aromatic (and therefore equivalent), anthracene is . f. (6 points) Determine the symmetries of all of the molecular orbitals in the π system. Assuming the molecule lies in the anthracene is Reducing gives plane with its long dimension along the axis, for 2. Consider acetylene ( a. (4 points) The ): -dimensional representation for acetylene is reduces to . De...
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