222-08 Exam #2

3 points what does lda stand for draw its complete

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Unformatted text preview: _ 2 1. (3 points) What does LDA stand for? Draw its complete structure. 2. (8 points) Provide the appropriate chemical structure above each description. acetone glycerol benzyl bromide enamine 3. (8 points) Draw the complete arrow-formalism mechanism for the following conversion. Be sure to draw the correct structure of the final organic product. Your structure must be drawn in its most stable conformation. Old School: A simple “flat” drawing will not suffice. You must show shape/perspective of ring(s) as well as you possibly can. H3O+ N O CH3 H2O OH HO H+ Name ____________________________________________ 4. (24 points) Provide the major product (or missing reagents) for the following conversions. Be sure to indicate stereochemistry when necessary....
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