222-08 Exam #2

Am chem soc 1989 111 4116 4117 question 8 question

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Unformatted text preview: UESTION #6 O CN NaOEt O Me OE t O O O Me H3O+ OEt EtOH solvent OE t 0-5 °C CN O O N H Me 30% Pd/C, OEt O Ph2O, reflux N H Me O 1. excess LiAlH4, ether OEt 2. H+ quench Ag2CO3/CH3I benzene-THF, 60 °C MeO N OH MeO Me N PhLi/HCHO/ether -15 °C Me QUESTION #9 1. SOCl2 2. NaCN OH MeO MeO OH N CN OM e CN QUESTION #11 QUESTION #9 contd. N N 1. methacrolein/MeONa 2. MsCl/NEt3 MeO Me N O CO O M e QUESTION #10 O MeOOC OM e N OM e MeOOC Me Ph3P=CHCH3 N AcONa/AcOH OMe = O MeOOC Me COOMe N Me OM s MsO O Me KOH/MeOH N mixture of E/Z N OMe OM e MeOOC HO O C Me 1. DPPA/DMSO/NEt3 2. EtOH, reflux 1. TMSCl/NaI 2. KOH N CH3 CH3 (±)-HA OM e HN CO2Et 1. NaH 2. H+ quench CO O M e HCl/MeOH H2N N H O 6 Name ____________________________________________ 7 6. (6 points) The very...
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