222-08 Exam #2

H serrata is a clubmoss fern that is distributed

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Unformatted text preview: distributed worldwide and grows in the forest, shrubbery, and roadside at an altitude of 300-2700 m. It grows for 8-15 years but has a very low HA content. One ton of dried plant yields 70-90 g of HA. CH3 CH3 H2N N O NH2 MeO H MeO N O Huperzine A (HA) Donepezil Tacrine N Ph Two Current Alzheimers Treatments Clubmoss Clearly a laboratory synthesis would be desirable. Today we will learn about the first synthesis of racemic HA in 1989. Starting from a β-ketoester, it is possible to make racemic HA in only 19 steps. CH3 O H3C O CH3 ( ± ) - HA 19 steps OEt H2N N H O Name ____________________________________________ The Total Synthesis of Huperzine A (HA) Xia, Yan; Kozikowski, Alan, A Practical Synthesis of the Chinese “Nootropic” Agent Huperzine A: A Possible Lead in the Treatment of Alzheimer ’s Disease, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1989, 111, 4116-4117. QUESTION #8 Q...
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