222-08 Exam #2

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Unformatted text preview: α,βunsaturated ketone is to do a HOMO-LUMO analysis. Explain with a clear MO Energy diagram and any necessary annotations. You are to analyze the unsaturated molecules (acrylonitrile and α,β-unsaturated ketone). E Name ____________________________________________ 8. (8 points) Provide the complete arrow-formalism mechanism for the first cyclization reaction; O Me O O OEt CN H3O+, H2O O OE t N H Me 9. (6 points) The following conversion is known as a(n) ___________________________________. CO O M e MeO N COOMe N 1. NaH 2. H+ quench OM e O COOMe You may be concerned by the use of NaH. Briefly explain your concern? What base did you learn to use for this specific conversion (the researchers surely tried it but it must have been problematic in some unfo...
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