222-08 Exam #2

What base did you learn to use for this specific

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Unformatted text preview: reseen way). Provide the complete arrow-formalism mechanism for this conversion. 8 Name ____________________________________________ 10. (2 points) The following conversion is known as a(n) _______________________. The reagent used is known as a phosphonium ________________. Me Me Ph3P=CHCH3 N O MeOOC OM e N mixture of E/Z OMe MeOOC 11. (6 points) Methacrolein is used as a way to form the all-important bridge. Provide a complete arrowformalism mechanism for the following conversion. Me N OM e CH3 HO O MeONa, MeOH N + O H CO O M e methacrolein O MeOOC OMe 9 Name ____________________________________________ 10 12. (6 points) Provide a viable synthesis for the following Huperzine A precursor. You may use any organic or inorganic reagents of your choice. OH OH Bonus (2 points) - Name the band:...
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