222-12 Final Exam 3

222-12 Final Exam 3

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Unformatted text preview: 2O, H+ 10. PCC 6 Name____________________________ 1. NaNH2 2. CH3Br 3. H2O, H3O+ 4. aldol condensation 5. Et2CuLi 6. H2O, H+ HC CH Cl NH , H+ 7. 8. EtBr 9. H2O, H+ 1. NaOH 2. CrO3 3. SOCl2 4. Et2CuLi 5. H2O, H+ (quench) 6. Ph2CuLi 7. H2O, H+ 8. N2H4, KOH, ! 9. Br2, AlBr3 7 Name____________________________ 8. (16 points) Six distinct synthetic steps are necessary to convert propene into an aromatic alcohol. 1. A 3. B 2. C3H8O 4. C6H10O OH 5. 6. In the space provided below, indicate the necessary reagent(s) for each step and the structure of the A and B intermediates. 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. A= B= 9. (16 points) Convert the following cyclic carbohydrate to its conventional Fischer projection and open linewedge-dash structure. Draw the Newman projection of the given chair conformation while viewing down C1 (anomeric C) to C2. HO OH O HO OH OH 10. (12 points) Convert the following structure to its conventional Fischer projection and beta-pyranose form. HO HO H H H HO O OH H H OH 8 O N N N N B Et Name____________________________ . (6 points) Certai...
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