222-12 Final Exam 3

Explain briey 14 2 points which specic topic of the

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Unformatted text preview: briefly. 9 Name____________________________ Name____________________________ 8 15. (14 points) Provide a viable synthesis for the following conversion. You may use any organic or inorganic reagents of your below. Do not simply provide a list of reagents. Be sure to include some of viable synthesis for the transformation choice. Do not show any agents and yntermediates are structuresa synthetic answer. o not include any mechanisms. i our intermediate shown in in your pathway. D O ? O O organic reaction I learned this year is ____________________________. 10 Name____________________________ 11 Bonus You Decide the Risk You may choose only a single bonus question. (10 points) Spell the following words correctly: eye doctor, M.D. (begins with “o”) soft drink flavor derived from aromatic root with heart-shaped leaves (may be misspelled as sasparilla) Richard Nixonʼs middle name DEF_N_TELY Color (sounds like “fyoosha”) Chemotherapeutic drug found in Texas clay (9 points) Draw the complete structure of dynemycin. Name____________________________ Bonus You Deci de the Risk You may choose only a single b...
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