222-12 Final Exam 3

Ho o the following carbohydrate is d ch2oh oh oh

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Unformatted text preview: _____ The following carbohydrate is D: CH2OH OH OH . _____ The HOMO of the cyclopentadienyl cation has two nodes. _____ The reaction coordinate for the conversion of two ketones to an α,β-unsaturated ketone has 4 transition states. _____ The conjugate acid of aniline (PhNH2) has a relatively high Ka. “Relatively high” = higher than the Ka for ethaldehyde. _____ Olive oil’s major fat component is fully saturated. _____ The pKa of an alpha N-H proton will be lower than the pKa of an alpha C-H proton on the same amide. _____ The following is the NMR spectrum for isopropanol. 2 Name____________________________ 3. (16 points) Provide the complete arrow-formalism mechanism for each reaction below. H2O N cyclopentanone + amine H3O+ H3C borane + cis-2-butene B H2 CH3 4. (9 points) Indicate the configurational stereochemical relationship between each set of molecules (identical, enantiomers, or diastereomers). OH OH H H3C H CH3 OH H CH3 H H3C OH Br Br Br Br Br H3C H H Cl CH3 Br CH3 H3C Cl 3 Name____________________________ 5. (39 points) Provide t...
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