222-12 Final Exam 3

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Unformatted text preview: onus question. (8 points) Give the full names, both birth and performance, for The Beastie Boys. 8 poi nts – List Yoda’s exact height in c m (to 2 significant digits). (7 points) What is the population of Scranton, PA (+/- 3,000)? (6 points) Name the candy associated with each letter. No partial credit 7 poi nts Name the candy assoc iated with each letter. No partial credit. (5 points) Name the city and state in which Verbal Kint was in a barbershop quartet. 6 poi nts Rank e t following vegetables according K m personal taste (1 = quartet (4 points) – Namthehe city and state in which Verbalto intywas in a barbershop tastiest .to 5 = awful) asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans, broccoli, corn 5 poi nts Name three Bob Dylan-penned songs that have been cov ered by other artists. List the artist and song title. (3 points) Who is the speaker of the House? (2 points) Name either of tof myp10 leasthicles bought by ofomen in 2006 (from a rec ent Car and Driver 4 poi nts Name any one he to two ve favorite movies w all time. study). (1 point) Lions or tigers? 3 poi nts List pi to 3 decimal places. 2 poi nts - Name the cheesiest movie quot e of all time. 9...
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