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Unformatted text preview: toring 1. Economics Learning Center. The Department of Economics runs the Economics Learning Center, where advanced undergraduates provide free tutoring for students in a number of Economics courses. Most of the tutors has passed this class with high grades and often should be able to help you. The Economics Learning Center is located in 311 Arps Hall (1945 North High Street) and is typically open from 9AM- 5PM Monday-Friday starting the second (full) week of the semester. Note that the purpose of the tutoring center is not to provide answers to assignments, but to help students learn economics. As the student, you are ultimately responsible for all course work you submit. 2. Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center. The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC) is a resource center for students in Mathematics and Statistics courses at The Ohio State University. They are located in Cockins Hall and provide many free services. Information about the services can be found at https://www.mslc.osu.edu/about/tutoring. Although Econ 4400 is not listed in their list of classes supported, if you need help with topics covered in STAT 1450 and 2450 which are the prerequisite of our class you can seek help from MSLC. These topics include: Probability, Normal, t, Chi-square and F distributions, degrees of freedom, Calculating a probability from a table, etc. 3. Private Tutoring. For th...
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