4 week 5 hypothesis testing sampling distribution ch

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Unformatted text preview: hesis Testing Sampling Distribution Ch. 4 Gauss-Markov Theorem Ch. 4 Week 6: Hypothesis Testing t-Test Ch. 5 Week 7: Hypothesis testing F-Test Ch. 5 Appx. Review Midterm Exam: Wednesday Feb 26th and Thursday Feb 27, In class Week 8: Specification Omitted variables, Irrelevant variables Ch. 6 Week 9: Specification Non-linear functional forms Ch. 7 Independent Dummy Variables Ch. 7 Week 10: More Violations Hetesoskedasticity, and its Consequences, Tests, Remedies Ch. 10 Multicolinearity, and its Consequences, Tests, Remedies Ch. 8 Week 11: Dependent Dummy Variables Linear Probability Model (LPM) Ch. 13 Week 12: Instrumental Variable, and other topics 4 Week 13: Review Final Exam : Wednesday April 23, at 12pm for WF class; at 2pm for TR class *whenever not noted, the reference to the topic would be the lecture notes. Academic Integrity Academic integrity is essential to maintaining an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, research, and other educational and scholarly activities. Thus, The Ohio State University and the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) expect that all students have read and understand the University’s Code of Student Conduct, and that all students will complete all academic and scholarly assignments with fairness and honesty. Students must recognize that failure to follow the rules and guidelines established in the University’s Code of Student Conduct and this syllabus may constitute Academic Misconduct. Examples of academic misconduct include (but are not limited to) plagiarism, collusion (unauthorized collaboration), copying the work of another student, and possession of unauthorized materials during an examination. For additional information, see the Code of Student Conduct (http://studentaffairs.osu.edu/pdfs/csc.pdf). Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities that have been certified by the Office for Disability Services will be appropriately accommodated, and should inform the instructor as soon as possible of their needs. The Office for Disability Services is located in 150 Pomerene Hall, 1760 Neil Avenue; telephone 292-3307, TDD 292-0901; http://www.ods.ohio-state.edu/. 5...
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