For the students that feel they need private tutoring

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Unformatted text preview: e students that feel they need private tutoring, I maintain a list of my former top students who are willing to tutor privately for profit. Please see me in person if you feel the need. Assessment For learning and evaluation purposes, there will be Quick quizzes, Long quizzes, Problem sets, and two exams. Quizzes: The purpose of the in-class quizzes is to help you receive faster and more frequent feedback on your learning. There will be two types of quizzes given in this class. The first will be pop Quick-Quizzes based on the material being discussed in each class. These Quick Quizzes are open book, open notes, and open discussion with your classmates. The Quick Quizzes can earn you up to 5% bonus credit in your total class grade. Since the Quick Quiz scores are counted as extra credit, there will be no makeup for these Quick-Quizzes, even in the case of an excused absence. However I will drop the lowest 3 scores before averaging your Quick Quiz scores. You will NOT be eligible for this bonus, if you miss more than 5 of these Quizzes, or if you fail to submit more than 1 of the homework assignments. The second type of quizzes are Long-Quizzes. The long- quizzes will be announced in the previous class session (and also on Carmen that day). These quizzes are also open book and open notes, but you are not allowed to seek the help of your classmates or me for them. If you take electronic notes, or use electronic textbook, make some alternative arrangements for the long-quizzes, as you will not be allowed to use your laptops, tablets, cellphones, or any electronic device other that a calculator for these long-quizzes, onless otherwise is announced in class. I will...
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