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Unformatted text preview: drop one lowest Long Quiz grade. Your Long-Quizz scores will be averaged out of 100 (after dropping the lowest one) and will constitute 30% of your total class grade. Since I will drop the lowest grades, there will be no make up for missed Long Quizzes; not even in case of an excused absence. Problem Sets The problem sets provide further opportunities for practicing the course subject and assessing your learning. We will have about 9 problem sets throughout the semester. My goal is to provide you with many hands-on practices and exercises in this course, because I believe that Econometrics is only learned well when students practice it a lot. I hope when you leave this class you find that the time and effort you put in doing these assignments have paid off in enhancing your econometrics skills. The problem sets are due at the beginning of the class on the due date. If you are late to class on the due 2 date your assignment will also be considered late. Late problem sets will be accepted up to 24 hours past the due time and will incur a late penalty of 20%. I will post the answers to the problem sets on Carmen the day after the due date. No late work will be accepted after the answers are posted. You need to hand in a paper copy of each assignment; electronic submission through email or any other way is not accepted . Since the problem sets contain formulas, I don’t require you to type the assignments, but I expect you to be organized and legible in your writing. If my TA cannot read y...
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