If my ta cannot read your handwriting you will lose

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Unformatted text preview: our handwriting, you will lose the credit. I will drop your lowest problem set score. Grading Policy Your assignments are graded by my TA. We try to be consistent and fair in grading your work and usually grant partial credit if you have made small mistakes. However, the probability of errors in grading or counting is non-zero. If you believe that you deserve more credit on a part of a problem set or an exam, you can request a re-grade. To request a re-grade, you need to write a mini petition, attach this re-grade petition to your graded assignment, and hand it to me at the latest 7 days after the day the graded assignment is given back in class. In your re-grade petition, you should explain why you think your answer is right and you deserve more credit for it. You will be writing this re-grade petition after the solutions are posted, so please make sure you compare your answer to the posted solution prior to making a re-grade request. Re-grade petitions must be typed; handwritten petitions will not be accepted. You don’t need to follow up on these petitions. I will review the petitions within a week and if you have a case, I will change your grade on Carmen. This policy applies to the re-grade requests for the problem sets, midterm exams, and the long-quizzes. Any issues with a grade should be addresses to me within 7 days of the day the scores are posted on Carmen, or the assignment is passed back in class, whichever comes sooner. Once this time window is...
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