Exam 1_Spring 2011

6 write for loop based python code to do the

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Unformatted text preview: ws the axis aligned rectangle for which those two points are in opposing corners and marks the center of the rectangle with a dot. 6. Write for loop based Python code to do the following: (a) Print out the multiples of 6 from 600 to 660 inclusive. Note: The first thing printed will be 600 and the last thing printed will be 660. (b) Print the following output: Train Train Train Train Train Train Train Train 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 arrives arrives arrives arrives arrives arrives arrives arrives in in in in in in in in 5 minutes. 25 minutes. 53 minutes. 15 minutes. 21 minutes. 18 minutes. 32 minutes. 2 minutes. 7. Write a Python graphics based program that requires the user to click on two points in its window, thereby defining a circle and one of its radii. The program then draws both the circle centered on the first point and the radius between the two points. 6 8. Trace the following Python code, i.e. indicate the state of the variables as they change and what output is printed to the screen: (a) f=1 s=3 for i in...
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