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8 8 trace the following python code ie indicate the

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Unformatted text preview: s. 7. Write a Python graphics based program that requires the user to click on one point and then draws a 50 by 50 square with the clicked point in its lower right corner. 8 8. Trace the following Python code, i.e. indicate the state of the variables as they change and what output is printed to the screen: (a) f=8 s = 13 for i in range(2, 7) f, s = s, f + s print("f =", f, " s=", s) (b) n = 18 k=1 for c in range(5): n=n-c k=2*k+c print("n =", n, " k = ", k) 9. Draw the output that would be displayed in the program’s window if the following Python graphics based program were executed: from graphics import * def main(): win = GraphWin("Picture", 400, 400) win.setCoords(0,0,100,100) one two three four = = = = Point(10,10) Point(90,90) Point(one.getX(), two.getY()) Point(two.getX(), one.getY()) Rectangle(one,two).draw(win) Line(one,two).draw(win) Line(three,four).draw(win) win.getMouse() win.close() main() 10. Write a complete program that, using a loop, asks the user for the time and speed for 10 legs of a trip....
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