Exam 1_Spring 2011

Draw the output that would be displayed in the

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Unformatted text preview: range(12,17) f, s = s, f + s print("f =", f, " s=", s) (b) n=3 k=1 for c in range(5): n=c+k k=2*k print("n =", n, " k = ", k) 9. Draw the output that would be displayed in the program’s window if the following Python graphics based program were executed: from graphics import * def main(): win = GraphWin("Picture", 400, 400) win.setCoords(0,0,100,100) Circle(Point(50,50),40).draw(win) left right bottom top = = = = Point(10,50) Point(90,50) Point(50,10) Point(50,90) Line(left,right).draw(win) Line(bottom,top).draw(win) win.getMouse() win.close() main() 10. Write a complete program that, using a loop, asks the user for the number and cost of 10 items. The program should then print out the total cost. 7 Lehman College, CUNY CMP 230 Exam 1, Version 3 Spring 2011 1. Write Python code that prompts the user for the radius of a circle, and prints out the circumference of the circle. Useful formulas: circumf erence = 2 · π · radius 2. Trace the Python code below, i.e. indicate the state of t...
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