If it takes 5 seconds to stop the package determine

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Unformatted text preview: f it takes 5 seconds to stop the package, determine the magnitude of force P. 4. The sketch shows a tool used to pull out nails. There are two parts to the tool: the vertical lever ABD and the foot CBE, and they are joined by a frictionless pin at B. The nail is held tightly in the floor at F, and the tool grips and lifts the nail head at points C and D with horizontal and vertical components of force. All dimensions are in cm. To simplify the problem, you may assume: - that the vertical components of force on the nail are equal (CY = DY), but the horizontal components are not (CX ￿ DX); - that the distance between points C and D is negligible, so that both C and D lie on a vertical line throu gh B; - that point E is a frictionless contact....
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