A 3 marks draw free body diagrams of the two parts of

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Unformatted text preview: (a) (3 marks) Draw free-body diagrams of the two parts of the tool and of the nail. (b) (9 marks) For an applied force P = 60 N, determine the forces exerted on the nail at C and D. Time: 3 hours Page 2 of 3 GNG 1100 - ENGINEERING MECHANICS Final Examination 20 December 2003 Profs. Droste, Hallett, and Skaff Time: 3 hours Page 3 of 3 5. Two blocks are arranged as shown and acted on by forces P and Q. Block A weighs 300 N and block B weighs 200 N. The coefficient of static friction between all surfaces is ￿S = 0.3, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between all surfaces is ￿K = 0.2. (a) (7 marks) If force Q = 0, determine the value of P if motion is impendin...
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