Nh3 no2 no3 nitricagon only occur in aerobic condigons

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Unformatted text preview: trate, nitrificaGon, is thus carried out by the concerted acGon of two groups of organisms. Nitrite is toxic, nitrate is a be4er source of nitrogen for plants. NH3 à༎ NO2- à༎ NO3- •  NitrificaGon only occur in aerobic condiGons – requires O2. 29 Nitrosomonas spp. •  •  Final electron acceptor: O2. •  For every 4 e- generated from oxidaGon of NH3 to NO2- , only 2 reach the Cyt aa3 the proton pump. •  NADH is produced by reverse electrons flow. Q à༎ Complex I of the respiratory chain, pmf is the energy source. ...
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