Despite the high prevalence of melanotic

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Unformatted text preview: e of Antarctica [5]. Hence, melanins are ancient pigments that have probably been selected because they enhance the survival of melanized fungi in diverse environments and, perhaps incidentally, in various hosts. The emergence of melanin as a non-specific bioprotective material may be a result of the relative ease with which these complicated aromatic structures can be synthesized from a great variety of precursors [2,4,5,16–23]. Despite the high prevalence of melanotic microorganisms in radioactive environments, it is unlikely that melanin is synthesized solely for the purposes of protection (shielding) from ionizing radiation. For example, in high elevation regions inhabited by melanotic fungi the background radiation levels are approximately 500–1,000 higher than at sea level, which amounts to a dose of 0.50–1.0 Gy/year. Since the overwhelming majority of fungi, INTRODUCTION The term ‘‘melanin’’ originates from melanos - a Greek word for black. Melanin is a high molecular weight pigment, ubiquitous in nature, with a variety of biological functions [1]. Many fu...
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